Sleepover Party!

David and I had a guest on Friday night—John Marshall!  Our vivacious and smart four-year-old nephew took the plunge and pulled an overnighter at the Alevy house.  His parents and sister, Amelia, joined us for a cookout and when the sun went down, we said “sayonara Rathmell’s!”

We had a great time!  We watched a few episodes of ‘Go, Diego, Go’ and ate popcorn, too.  John Marshall was very particular to make sure I prepare my popcorn the way his Daddy makes his.  I know David and I enjoyed it, but the full bowl of popcorn indicated I did not meet the Daddy standards.  We cleared out our tv room and blew up an air mattress where John Marshall, David, and I curled up to read a few books before going to bed.  I was especially excited that JM let me read MY favorite book ‘Love You Forever’.  We turned on his LOUD noise machine, after reading, and he was out like a lightbulb.  Not Aunt Caleigh, though!!

I'm such a lucky gal sharing my Friday night with these handsome boys and my fun pup!

Having him spend the night brought up a lot of thoughts for me.  Not good, right before bed!  I didn’t sleep much, but my thinking has inspired me to get to work.  I’ve wanted to start this blog for some time—now’s as good a time as any other.  I have a lot of wonderful opportunities, blessings, and teachings happening in my life and I feel like it’ll be more concrete if I record it.  Who keeps journals these days?  I know that if I keep up with the blog, this will be a great way for me to track what has happened to me AND share it with people who are interested.

So…welcome to my blog!  Initially, I need to get the hang of it.  I’ll try to decorate my inter-world to my liking, but still appeal to YOUR eye.  I have always enjoyed dialoguing with people, so I welcome feedback and comments.  I’m challenging myself to blog twice a week to begin with.  My plan is to transition away from a certain social networking website and rather update my blog when the creativity is brewing!

Back to my sleepover!  Even thought JM woke up around 4:30 to tell me his life story, he was a great listener and used the potty and returned to bed until 7:30.  Again, he definitely slept better than me!  Oh well.  He made my weekend when I asked him if he liked the French toast I made him for breakfast.  “Yes, Aunt Caleigh.  I like it better than pancakes!”  And the story that followed was about how much he loves pancakes, so I’m pleased I have another fan of my Edgar’s challah French toast!

Who wants to spend the night next weekend?!