Third doctor's appointment coming up

The past couple weeks (since my last blog) have flown by fast!  School is taking up so much of my time, but each week just seems to go, go, go.  Last week, I was more successful (than the previous week) with getting up with Zsa at 5:15 and running her before going to Tuscaloosa Wed-Fri.  While I felt great through the school day, I came home exhausted around 5:00pm.  Emotionally drained and exhausted both Wednesday and Thursday night.  I'm loving my Fridays because I only have one class and I come home earlier to knock some things out and study.

Me and baby A at 17 weeks!

We're learning the ropes of grad school!

15 weeks
I started the Masters of Social Work program at UA (Tuscaloosa) 2 weeks ago.  It is intense!  I keep telling Baby A how lucky s/he is to be receiving such a high education this early in development :).  Deep down, I'm hoping that this is the start to our little one's caring and helpful personality.  But who knows...I'm definitely already loving this little one because I know s/he will be wonderful, in his/her own way.