In honor of our first wedding anniversary, a few pictures from the celebration

I pulled up a few pictures to share from our weekend, one year ago.
We have hundreds of photos, so I'm sure I'll post some year!
Wedding Rehearsal Friday night Temple Emanu-El
Isn't this a great shot of my nephew, John Marshall?  Love it!

A lot has happened in a month!

Hard to believe Sol turned 5 weeks last night!!  I have to admit that, yes, time flies...

At 1 month, I snapped a few pictures to remember how little he is.  At his check in, he weighed 7 lbs, 12 oz and measured 21 inches--our healthy, growing boy!


To "Nana"Judy,


We love you and can't wait to see you again soon!

Happy Birthday Lito!!!

We are celebrating a birthday today....Happy Birthday Claude aka "Lito"!! photo opp this AM did not work in our here are some past happy pics to truly celebrate :)  Oh yeah... Sol only started crying when I told him Lito has returned to Florida and we can't give him a birthday hug today....sad boy!  Come June, I know you will give him lots of hugs!
Isn't this wonderful?  Three generations of Alevy men!
Happy Happy Birthday from The Alevy Family!!!
;)We'll have a party at your house tonight to celebrate ;)

New Mommy Must Haves

Hard to believe I've had this wonderful little one practically strapped to my hip (HA) for three weeks!  Sol has been so good for us!  Every now and again, he throws us a curveball...but for now, we are pretty durn lucky!

Friends had suggested new mommy apps before he was born, but I was so hyped up...I tuned them out.   I hadn't realized how necessary it was!  Once in the hospital, it hit me that I needed something to help keep me sane and "on track".  Otherwise my days...hours...minutes(!!!) would be too hazy to understand.

Settling into a routine

Sol is 18 days old!  This morning, I had some time to get online and do research on things I could be doing with him at 2 weeks old.  I googled "2 week old baby" and found a great website. has weekly information on what baby could be doing, what mommy may be going through, activities you could do together, tips, and a to-do list.  It's a great resource--and it was there that I learned we were a little behind in TUMMY TIME!  I wish I had known this sooner because Sol has really enjoyed this activity today.  My baby boy had already demonstrated that he has a strong neck and likes to lift and turn his head when he has a chance.  He and I were on his playmat for 26 minutes and he picked up his head and turned it at least 8 times.  

Warning: LONG POST--My Labor and Delivery

So, as all of you know, I was very anxious for our little one to join us two posts ago.  Valentine's Day finally came and I was so hopeful that he was going to pop out.  Then, it went.