4 month update

It's summa time and the weather WAS fine! :)  Hard to believe June is almost over and Sol is 4 months old!!  We've had a great few weeks and I can't keep apologizing for not updating more often.  I'm living in the moment spending time with my baby and I just don't have enough hours in the day to do everything :)  Ready for an overload??

We visited the beach earlier this month.  Much needed-- we haven't been since 2012!!!!  My mom invited us to join her and my grandmother.  Then she invited Nana and Lito to come too!  David and I had a date night (I can't believe we didn't take a picture!) and, best of all, enjoyed sharing our days with Sol's biggest fan club.
We lucked out with great weather!  Unfortunately, we heard it was storming a lot in Birmingham.  We had threats of showers, but only experienced one overnight.  Each morning, I would come out and set Sol up in his innertube along with all of his toys.  When he wasn't being loved and hugged, he would spend some QT with his Sophie, as pictured above!
This was Sol's first time out in the sand.  I think his daddy has the pictures from when he first dipped his feet in both the sand and the ocean.  He enjoyed it ;)  We will wait til he is bigger before we make him into a sandman ;)

Because Sol was sleeping in the master bathroom connected to our room, we got thrown off a bit with his sleeping patterns.  I didn't feel comfortable for the first few nights closing the door, even though there were multiple AC vents.  I could hear everything he did and I imagine he heard us too--we snorers aren't the best at being quiet ;)  So, we had a couple of very early wake ups where Sol would feed and then fall back asleep.
One of the mornings, we decided to take advantage and get out before the sun was entirely up.  We had a nice family walk...where Sol fell asleep...

 And then we set up our family size umbrella and hung out on the beach for a little while.
 Bubbe had a chance to join us after she woke up!
 I understand Pat Pat became quite attached to seeing Sol every morning.  I've had a number of her friends come up to me and say "Pat raves about how great it was being with that baby...she loves him to bits!"
 Visiting the beach means dipping in the pool, too!  Sol enjoyed being in the water a couple of times.  I was pleased to be able to use one of his cloth diapers, rather than purchasing a swim diaper.  I know we'll have to do that eventually, but for this visit it worked out great, especially since he didn't go to the bathroom anyway!!
Lito's been doing 16 burpees everyday--and it shows!  The Alevy clan enjoyed some relaxing time in the pool that afternoon.  Wish we had done it more often!
 Here's our little munchkin after our date night!  All of his grandparents did a great job of splitting up the bedtime rituals.  The best part was watching Nana read to him...and put Pat Pat to sleep!

 Many thanks to Judy and Claude for joining us to take photos one afternoon.

 When it was time to go home, Sol wasn't too impressed.
JK!  He loved being at the beach and couldn't wait to get home to his ZsaZsa!!

When we did return home, Azaria greeted us with lots of barking which prompted Sol to have his first giggle fit!  It was adorable!!  It appeared to frighten him, but then he would just laugh and laugh and laugh :)  My heart melts seeing them become friends!!

Hope to have another update in the near future!