We're learning the ropes of grad school!

15 weeks
I started the Masters of Social Work program at UA (Tuscaloosa) 2 weeks ago.  It is intense!  I keep telling Baby A how lucky s/he is to be receiving such a high education this early in development :).  Deep down, I'm hoping that this is the start to our little one's caring and helpful personality.  But who knows...I'm definitely already loving this little one because I know s/he will be wonderful, in his/her own way.

I know you're really here to hear about Baby A, but let me tell you about Grad school!  From a previous blog, you should already know that I spent a lot of time in the kitchen, before school started, preparing meals to help us get through my program with less stress.  It really came in handy the first week with having our meals structured out.  There were still frozen meals the second week, so this past week wasn't so bad either!  I will definitely be making the split pea soup again.  It goes great with a hot grilled cheese :)  I pack my 9-4 school day meal every night before and it has included: a spinach burger, an assortment of fruit, pretzels, morning glory muffin, goldfish, and a granola bar.  This week, I added in the energy bites---and they are tasty!  I'm thinking I may make those for a couple of friends in the near future.  They're super tasty and a mid-meal snack.  Since I had chia seed in the fridge that needed to be used up, I used that instead of flaxseed.

Since I'm learning how to eat for 2, I make sure to pack myself plenty of food on school days.  My teachers have not had issues with me nibbling on my muffin and energy bites--and I join my cohorts during lunch for other parts.  On the way home, I usually munch on my goldfish or granola bar.  So far, that's kept me from being too hungry for dinner when I get home and need to study....

As if my meals matter, studying is what I'm really learning.  Last week was rough!  We are required to read so much for grad school.  I'm taking 5 classes, and each class requires you to read AT LEAST 1 chapter, if not 3 or 4.  Then there's reserved reading in the library...and I can't forget the prep I should be doing for our big papers we'll have to write.  This week was a big learning curve for me.  I realized that I HAVE to study a couple hours every single day.  That way, my mind stays stimulated, and the work doesn't pile up the closer my classes come.

16 weeks
We've made it through 2 weeks, and we're doing a lot of studying for week 3.  One class down, 4 to go.  I enjoyed watching the game at my Mom's last night--we had a nice time--and a GREAT WIN :)--and plenty of delicious food and social time.
Now, I must get back to studying.  We have plans to join a couple of friends for a cookout this evening, and I want to make sure I feel as good tonight as I did last night, just relaxing and being social.  And can't forget our other sweet girl...
I'll enjoy getting another good walk/run in with Zsa!!!

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