Update! Update! Update!

It's been much too long....I hope you all understand, between grad school and being social, I haven't had time to update!!  Today, I'll get you caught up with more than you bargained for ;)

First, I'd like to start by saying Happy Birthday to...
my Uncle Graham overseas...didn't have a chance to tell him yesterday, but tried skype when they were probably boogy-in the night away.
and to my Mama Pat who turns 84 today!  We had a fun celebration last night at Full Moon with the family.

Onto baby updates!
At our last appointment, baby A had a great check up.  At 19 weeks, we were over half an ounce and ready to make an appearance
I was thrilled the ultrasound tech caught our little one waving! 

Uncle Ian was in town for Miss Amelia's birthday.  We invited him, along with the M.Rathmell clan, for dinner one night.  David's been awesome with cooking for our guests!

On campus in between classes at 20 weeks

21 weeks
My running partner Leah is about a month behind me, expecting in March.  It continue to be helpful that we hold each other accountable for weekend runs, but we are also both careful not to push ourselves too hard.  Zsa, of course, loves coming with us...she's still adjusting to the change in her running schedule.  
Yesterday, after a nice 4.3 mile run.  22 weeks and still happy to be out on the weekends!
I can't forget my biggest pleasure of this week...
Jarred had a conference in Florida this past week, so the Marx-Abel clan came to visit.  Jarred joined us for dinner on Sunday night.  Again, my wonderful hubby did a terrific job of cooking.  He put shrimp and steak on the grill, prepared mashed potatoes and broccoli on the stove, and surprised us with a parfait for dessert.
Can't forget the chunky monkey!!
It feels like it was forever ago that I visited when he was just a month old.  Daniel will be 9 months in a little over a week!  I love watching Lauren as she mommy's him.  She's a great mother and I'm learning a lot from her.  I'm looking forward to visiting them for a few days over the holidays.  I cherish our time when we can be together!!
Taken last night at Full Moon dinner.  Lauren lent me this maternity dress--she wore it at my engagement party not too long ago!! :)  Love how it puts so much more emphasis on the fact that yes, I am preggo!  If you're wondering...yes, that is Mom photo bombing.  Crazy times with the Weil/Rathmell/Saag/Alevy families!

Guess what....I have another appointment tomorrow!  I wonder if it'll take me a month, again, to repost.  Hope not!!!

Happy Fall Y'all!

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