So thankful for my Daddy

While Sol took a little catnap this morning, I started to blog about why today is important to me.

 Today would have been my Dad's 63rd birthday! 
It was 10 years ago today that we took this picture together while celebrating his last birthday.

My day started with a lot of thoughts and emotions...

I miss his laugh.
I miss the way he enjoyed challenging me when we were listening to music, "Caleigh, can you tell me who sings this song?"
I miss his voice.
I miss seeing him mow the yard in the strategic patterns that he felt were so important for good lawn care.
I miss his snoring.
I miss him encouraging me to kick, overhead throw, or catch the soccer ball (prevent a goal!).
I miss the way he walked through the house.
I miss him sharing historical events that I really didn't care about, but he found profound and wanted me to know about.
I miss his British (or is it Tennessee-an, as someone once asked!) accent.
I miss hiking, camping, and vacationing with him.

I miss being able to call him or see him whenever I want.

Life isn't the same without him.

I will forever cherish the 21 years I did have with him.  The memories that were made, the tendencies that were developed (don't tell me your driving route is faster, because my dad tested it and gosh golly darn shucks, it makes me think of him by going that way), and the relationships that I have with his family and friends.


Dad would have enjoyed watching the US World Cup game if he had been here today.

While you watch the game, I hope you'll take a minute to think of him and of the good times you shared!

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