Starting solids

Sol is 6 months!!  28 weeks to be exact.  Our little guy has started doing so many new things that it's hard to keep up with all of them.  The one I've been able to benefit the most from is introducing him to solids!  It gives me a breastfeeding break and I'm learning how to prepare baby food!
It wasn't easy at first.  I introduced him to carrots, avocados, and oatmeal after he turned 5 months.  He was ok with oatmeal, but he only ate it once and seemed really interested.  He didn't like carrots or avocados.  At around 26 weeks, he reached out for some asparagus that David and I were eating.
While we were in Puerto Rico*, he began reaching for our sweet bread pastry.  We weren't about to make it a regular food item, but I didn't feel right denying him a taste!
I especially love this video since I CLEARLY had no idea David was recording us!  I know that ALL of his grandparents AND Pat Pat will be spoiling him with treats as he grows up.

Since we've returned home, we aren't indulging in pastries.  I opened up the baby cookbook "Top 100 Baby Purees" and started cooking!  I've been really pleased with Sol's response, even though he still makes the occasional 'yucky' face.
He loved pears.  Mommy loved that 30 minute Winnie-the-Pooh shows were on, but Daddy has suggested we not use the tv as a distraction.  Spending so much time together at home, I sometimes leave the tv on for background noise; but seeing Pooh made me really want to watch tv.  I don't mind that David reminded me--because I don't want that to be a dependency for Sol when eating or being fussy.
I reintroduced avocado and he's taken to it well!  We've also done banana and sweet potato and they've been regulars for us this week.
Can you guess what he was eating this PM?  Beets!  I've enjoyed giving them to him this week, but I'm going to stop now after reading that they are high in nitrates and can cause anemia if eaten before 8 months :(  Only 2 months away and I can go at it again!
Last night, Sol had his first sleepover at Bubbe's house!!  We left him with (what I thought was) plenty of food, but Bubs says he was hankering for more when he cleared the bottle.  SO, I will see how he does when I increase his milk and solid servings because I certainly don't want a fussy, hungry boy.
Speaking of bottles, I have to applaud Sol for improving in holding up his bottle while eating!  He still doesn't completely understand that he needs to hold it up to get the milk out, but at least he enjoys attempting to hold it himself.  So proud of my boo!

*post coming soon about our family getaway to Puerto Rico!

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