Sol starts daycare!

At my mom's request, I have to share that Sol started daycare this week!  We have him at the ECLC at the LJCC. I know it is a great program because I went there and I know a lot of the wonderful people who work there. I'm very comfortable having him there!

On his first day, he wasn't very pleased with me as he was trying to figure out what was happening.
He was in Miss Jackie's arms and I asked him to smile. He fought it, but I got a little smile out of him!
His teachers sent home a sheet of what he did that day.  His schedule is far from what he and I do at home. He took two one-hour naps.  At home he usually takes one morning nap that last 20-30 minutes and one afternoon nap that lasts 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  It'll be interesting to see how he goes from day to day since he will only be in daycare 2 to 3 days a week.  I so appreciate his long afternoon nap so that I can do schoolwork or housework.

A friend of mine snapped a picture of him when she went into check on her child.
I am pleased that I am getting good reports from his teachers and my friends seeing him smiley and happy because of course when he sees me he wails to be in my arms.  

Today, day 3, appeared to be his best day yet. David dropped him off and he didn't fuss. Bubbe dropped by to visit during the day and said he was great, too. I could see him having fun when I picked him up from daycare, but of course he saw me and started his huffing and puffing. After I reassured him that I wasn't leaving without him, I managed to snap this sweet pic of him and his buddy Robert!
Thx to Ms Ann, Ms Jackie, Ms Marguerite, and all the other sweet people at ECLC to taking good care of my love!!

Just a few shots from our evening

Love love love!

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