The sun and a star go for a swim

We made it back to You and Me Splash Together!  It wasn't a private lesson today...we met Jessica and Stella and loved making new friends while learning. 
Coach Mo noticed how quickly Sol reacted to having his picture taken. He sees the black rectangle come out (my iPhone) and he knows where to look. Smart boy!
We really did enjoy the lesson today!  We practiced bobbing, going under water (up to the nose), swimming on the kick board on our tummies and backs, and then going the whole length of the pool with a noodle.  I'm so proud that Sol didn't cry this week!  The going under water part is still a little scary, but we are getting the hang of it!
Sol's had a busy week. Monday and Tuesday he went to school so I could study. 
I love that Miss Jackie sent me a picture during his day. My lil man sharing his toy, so sweet.
Bubbe joined us at the zoo yesterday!  The Summer temps in Birmingham are finally beginning to cool down and I'm looking forward to Fall!  I think the animals are happy, too.  A lot of them were moving and shaking more than I'm used to.  The sea lions were barking and swimming and the alligator was swimming awfully close to us, too. Thank goodness for barriers...
Our next door neighbor, Hill, came over for a play date yesterday!  She was showing Sol how to stand and walk!!  So impressive. Sol showed off how he stands at one of his toys (I'm sure she didn't notice me helping him balance).

We are missing the You and Me Move Together class tomorrow since Sol will be at school. Next week, the J is closed Thursday and Friday, so Jessica and I may meet Wednesday morning with the kids for a swim!  Excited to continue working on our water skills!

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