The weekend before school starts

My weekend went by fast!  I kept my schedule open because I wanted to relax and catch up on sleep, but what I ended up doing was the opposite.  I managed to get more done over this weekend than I've probably done over a week since before our wedding.  It felt good to be busy!  I'm hoping that as I get acclimated to my school/work schedule, I'll exhaust myself to sleep better through the night.  The lack of sleep has not been fun.

I attended my first prenatal yoga class at Villager Yoga on Saturday morning.  I ran 4 miles on our treadmill before class, so I already released a lot my energy AND I knew I'd get a good stretch.  The girls in my class ranged from 9 weeks to 38 weeks, if I remember correctly.  Everyone looked so healthy and happy, I hope that I can keep up through my whole pregnancy!  The class meets Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings, so it's perfect for me and a treat to look forward to twice a week.

Mom joined me at BabyPalooza after.  While I promise I enjoyed myself, I think Mom had more fun!  She got her nails did and loved talking to the vendors.  I did enjoy a good amount of freebies and material to look through, but I'm not sure I'll feel it necessary to return once Baby A has arrived or if/when we have our second child.  I'm glad I did it, and I loved being there with Mom.  Must work on taking pictures on those occasions!!  Mom looked so happy and pretty, I was proud to have her there with me :)

I had a nice surprise visit from the Crackel family (they live in Hunstville) and loved being acknowledged by Miles, Caroline's 1 1/2 year old son.  Not only did he enjoy seeing me on this occasion, when I asked him if he wanted me to hold him, he came straight to me!  That is the exact opposite, from when I first met him...he wanted nothing to do with me!
These pictures were taken a few months back.  Sadly, I did not take any this recent visit...but I will the next time I see them!!!  Love my boo---and so happy to get a picture with her :)  A little background...Caroline was one of my girlfriends in college.  She and her sister-in-law (thanks to yours truly, MEEEE) used to be my running partners in Tuscaloosa.  We were the three C's--Caleigh, Caroline, and Carolyn.  Great motivators to start my running journey through life.
 Miles with his Daddy, Eddie
Lily's a little rock star.  She's always a little on the shy side when I first see her, but she warms up quickly.  I'm so happy we've stayed connected and I look forward to watching her family in future years.

David and I spent Saturday evening together.  We watched the Oscar nominated film, Beasts of the Southern Wild.  Intense!  Definitely recommend it...and if you have access to HBO Go, you can watch it now through September.

Today today today.  Man was I busy.  After NOT sleeping in, I lounged for a bit with David and kick started my day around 9.  Breakfast and then a trip to Publix.  I prepared my grocery list more than I ever have before.  I decided on 6 recipes that I wanted to prepare, and so far I've plowed through 4 of them.

In the crockpot, I prepared my new favorite: Slow-Cooker Indian-Spice Lentils.  Aka Lentil Dahl, according to my friend Dipali.  While that stewed, David helped me chop onions and prepare Split Pea Soup in the Pressure Cooker.  Both took less than 5 hours and made enough for us to eat a couple of each meal this week AND freeze for a couple weeks, too!  Once the Lentils were done, I through chicken in the crock-pot to try out a new recipe: Shredded BBQ Chicken.  This one I haven't really tried.  It doesn't make nearly as much, and I'll have to report how we like it.  We had the Split Pea Soup with grilled cheese sandwiches tonight and it was delicious!  Last but not least, I made Spinach Burgers.  David and I each had a small bite of one and it was pretty tasty.  I doubled the recipe and made enough to last me my three days of lunch at school this week and one lunch for David.  PLUS, I have frozen enough for the following my 3 days of class.  The recipe isn't very clear on how much spinach to add and I think I still could have added more--I'll be playing with the recipe until I perfect it :)
In front, the lentil recipe always makes a large amount, especially when you add rice and Naan (David loves the brand from Winn Dixie).  Back left is the split pea soup and the spinach burgers are layered high next to it.  It's been a successful cooking day.  The chicken was still cooking, so it isn't pictured.

I took Azaria for a 4 mile wog and after feeding her on the return, I coaxed her into the bathroom of doom---BATH TIME!

The only part she likes about bath time, or getting wet, is being toweled off after.  Since I'm the mean one who gets her clean, I let David be the cool guy who dries her off.  This child is still mad at me for having to be cleaned AND having her teeth brushed, but I don't care...because she definitely smells better!

All in all, it's been a great weekend.  I'm off to bed because I have an early wake-up to make sure my pup gets in a good wog before I get down to Tuscaloosa by 8am.

Thanks for catching up!

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