39 weeks....or could Baby A come sooner???

I searched for pregnancy/birth quotes for the title of this entry, but they were all pretty miserable.  Maybe it was hard to like any of them because I was searching for 'funny quotes' and there's just nothing funny about pregnancy and birth?  At 39 weeks (actually started a couple days ago, so 38 weeks!), all I can think is "will it be today" or "I'd love for this little to join the world....today"!!

I now feel for Emily, since she was a week past her due date, and all the women who have to wait longer than they expected.  Shoot, there's still time for me to pass my due date...but I'm hoping if that's the case, that we'll arrive on 2/14/2014.  That's a fun birth date! ;)

Bennett Casey joined us on Monday morning to Emily and Matt!  I'm so excited for them that he is here and I can't wait to meet the little tyke.  Emily and I have known each other since the 4th grade and being pregnant together has been a really nice way to reconnect.  
Last Friday, Dipali had ANOTHER day off from school because of the snow...so we walked, lunched, and had foot massages together.  I was actually pretty stressed that day trying to 'count kicks', and I finally relaxed when we kicked back and enjoyed the spa music and foot rubs.  If I don't go into labor today...I may be getting another one this afternoon.  I'm not going to overdue it, but until Baby A is here, once a week for 30 bucks is worth it!

This is my 38 weeks update photo.  I was excited to wear my 'Expecting a Valentine in February' shirt again...and it was super cute when a little boy came up to me in Sam's and said "BOY OR GIRL??"  He was so disappointed when I told him we didn't know...but I let him throw in his guess and we have another boy prediction added to the pile.  Oh Baby A....come out come out from where you are...we're ready to know!!

Mama Pat treated us to dinner at The Club for David's birthday last week.  David has never been before, so he can finally knock that off his list :)  I actually enjoyed it more at dinner than I had the last time for lunch...and I loved how many couples were dancing on the lit up disco dance floor, so perhaps we will return one day :)
I don't want to forget to add my little on in the snow.  Last week was so crazy with the unexpected snow pile up!  It wasn't a lot of snow, but we Alabamians aren't prepared for those roads.  Thus, we need a good heads up when it's coming...and snow storm of 2014 was not a predicted one!  I was thankful to be at home and for the most part, we stayed calm on the couch.  David had to spend 1 night at work since the traffic and roads were so bad.  Thanks to my cousin, David Goedecke, my hubby was returned safely the next day, via 4 wheeler, and he was able to relax and recharge for his return to work the next day.  
I'm so blessed to have many friends who are expecting or have had little ones recently!  This post is full of preggo women ;)  Leah and I haven't been able to sync our schedules in forever...so this past Sunday was a wonderful chance for us to catch up and enjoy a good 4.5 miler together.  Zsa especially cherishes our time with Leah since she has been so neglected with her long distance walks.
And then there was Emily Friedman! ;)  We were at the same Super Bowl party on Sunday night (thanks Jess and Adrian!) and if the commercials had been better and the game more exciting, we may not have talked about being preggo together the WHOLE TIME.  So thanks Super Bowl for being a total bust this year!  As I was texting with Emily C and cheering her on through her labor with Bennett, Emily F and I shot her this picture of our babes cheering too.  Had to include it in this bump update....isn't it cute?! :)

Alright, so technically this is 38 weeks, but it will have to do for now.  I'm not ready for my 39 week photo today...and I need to finish my paper for school and take Zsa on a walk.

I'll keep everyone posted.....anyone want to guess on delivery date and birth weight of Baby A?!

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