Drumroll, please, for the moment we've all been waiting for!!

Sol Alevy has joined our beautiful world
Check out this glamshot!!  My body may have been exhausted, but my heart and soul were filled with more joy than I could have ever imagined!

David and I both thought we were having a girl by the end of my pregnancy...but as I've said during my whole pregnancy, all I pray for is a healthy baby.  And we are blessed...with a healthy baby boy!

He was 6lbs 9.3 oz and 19 inches.
My team was unbelievable!!  Along with my amazing husband/coach, my nurse (a midwife!!) and doctor coached me through a challenging, but out of body experience...I was able to deliver with no drugs (minus the med to protect Sol from the GBS I was carrying)!!

It's a short post, but I hate that I've neglected to update...I will try to update again soon because I have so much I want to share!!

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