Hellllllooooo, anybody in there???

Well...this baby is warm and snug and apparently not ready to come out!
My week started off with some pretty irritable anxiety.  I really didn't think I was going to make it to my 40 week doc appointment since I began dilating so early.  I guess it really just doesn't mean anything...except perhaps it will make for an easier L&D?  I'll be able to report on that...once Baby A decides to scramble out!!

I've been really grateful for distractions this week.  I quit doing massages, which was actually a good idea because I've been pretty sore this week.  I've only completed one school assignment, but as the days progress and no sign of Baby A, I'm going to do some reading and possibly another paper.

Yesterday was another inclemental weather day--and David's work surprisingly let everyone off early to avoid a possible traffic pile up!  He called when I was visiting....
Baby Bennett!!!  What a cute little one :)  I was so happy to see Emily and Matt doing so well, adjusting to their parental roles.  They're in love...and it reminds me that this anxiety I am feeling is just not worth it, because soon enough, I'll be there too!!  After hearing from David, I gave my hugs and said goodbye, as I didn't want to risk getting caught in traffic either!

We really thought they may be building it up to be nothing...but we were wrong!
The snow finally started around 6?  And it was coming down hard!!  It was really very pretty, but David said that walking in it was cold!!  I was pretty tuckered out from keeping myself occupied during the day, so I was glad David took Zsa for a quick pee before bed.  With the stress of the storm, I had some extra anxiety of "please Baby A, not tonight!" So I turned in for the night relatively early because sleeping is much better than worrying.  I did, unfortunately, wake around 1 and stay up til about 3 because I was cramping pretty uncomfortably and wanted to make sure we didn't need to start planning.  I woke this morning feeling pretty rough, but with the sun out and after an enjoyable 2 mile walk with Zsa, I'm feeling more motivated to ENJOY MY DAY!

I can't believe I'm about to forget to post about my doc appointment!
It really wasn't all that exciting...Dr. Hoover just smiled a lot and was super relaxed and kept saying "just relax, just keep yourself occupied, just enjoy this time!"  I scoffed at her when she said "Make a King's Cake!!"  Of course at the suggestion of a dessert...David was in on the idea too.  I told him "I'm not very experienced in cakes...and a King's Cake seems complicated!!!  YEAH RIGHT!"
Yesterday, I did what the doctor ordered!  When I was at World Market, I saw a box of King's Cake mix and figured it would be a nice surprise for David....we each enjoyed a piece after dinner last night.

What I have to remember right now, as I await whatever the future of L&D and having a child has to hold...
 ...how lucky I have been with my pregnancy.  What am I grateful for?

1) Managing to stay active throughout my whole pregnancy.  Running up to 29 weeks and walking since then.  My doctor says she is so pleased with this priority as it will make for a better L&D and recovery.  I'm so glad I was active prior to pregnancy--makes it easier, for sure.

2) No aches and pains...until now!  Sure, I've had the hip discomfort a little here and stomach trouble a little there, but that's actually pretty normal for me.  And I've listened to my body and tried to make wise decisions.  The one time I experienced swelling was when we were stuck in the Baltimore airport and it was way too warm for the clothing I had on...I imagine it doesn't even begin to compare to being pregnant in the summer time!!

3) Eating things I enjoy and not feeling SO BAD about it.  I've enjoyed my sweets, and my cheeses, and the meats...nothing was really a craving, but I have enjoyed them!!

4)The happiness pregnancy brings to others!  It makes strangers smile and excites family and friends.  We all have so much fun to look forward to ;)  I'll have to keep my eye on the prize as I know Baby A will be super demanding in the beginning and I'll be SUPER exhausted!

5) Staying clear headed, positive, and laid back.  I've had a couple of moments where I called the MEU, in the past 2 weeks, and spoken with a nurse or doctor about my concerns.  I've listened to their advice on what to pay attention to...and I've considered going down to be examined as they always say "it won't hurt to come down", but I'm really trusting Dr. Hoover when she says "you will know...and it will happen!"  We almost went last night because I didn't want to wait until the weather was so poor that we would have regrets, but after eating dinner and taking to the couch to relax, I realized I could enjoy the deep sigh of relief that we didn't need to be put at risk going out in the weather, nor our parents or other family who may want to come be with us.  

Today...I think I'll get another foot massage!  Definitely going to try and stay occupied.  Maybe Baby A heard me so often in the first and second trimester saying "I wouldn't mind it being Valentine's Day since the date is a cool one...2-14-2014"  Hopefully my next post will be about BABY A'S ARRIVAL!!

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