The Preggo Diaries I

So, it's officially out--I'm pregnant!  I am 13 weeks and looking forward to my second doctor's visit this Thursday!

I'm feeling great after coming into the second trimester AND being able to tell people.  It is hard carrying that kind of a secret around---especially when pepils (the word my mom calls people) can speculate...has Caleigh let herself go now that she's married....or is she pregnant?? Now I can sing it out loud--I'm pregnant!  Can you feel the excitement?

For those who are aching to see pregnancy shots, today is your day.
This was taken around 7 weeks, I believe.  Right before we visited our friends Jack, Mitya, and Elaina in Philadelphia*.  It has been very helpful staying active during my pregnancy...and I don't know if it is the reason I didn't have morning sickness, but if it is...I will try to keep up my walking/running in future pregnancies!
I am pretty sure this is around 9 weeks because I believe it was right after we saw the doctor for the first time.  We had a great first checkup and really liked meeting Dr. Hoover and her staff at UAB.  The appointment took longer than we expected, so we'll keep our fingers crossed it isn't always like that.  I really like having David with me so he can see what is going on and ask any questions he may have....which is really me asking and him hearing what the doctor and/or nurses say.

As you can see, from my mini chalkboard that has been destroyed, this is week 11!  While I have definitely kept up with walking since learning of my pregnancy, I've been more careful with my distance running.  I love to run.  Sometimes, I don't love it.  In the past, I've found that even when I don't love it, I feel wonderful afterwards.  I've done 5 6-mile runs in the past few weeks and it really just exhausts me for the rest of the day.  Today, I ran 3 after walking Azaria 4 and I'm feeling pretty good right now.  I may start cutting back to 3-4 more frequently....and saving the longer distance for days I don't have anything to do after.

From the chalkboard, you can see that I was happy to be back to my running (because the doctor approved it), I was loving peanut butter and cheese (as always!), and David and I shared the good news with our siblings.  We called Ian, since he's in Austin, visited Marshall and Susan one night after they put the kids to bed, and then told Joelle and Howie when we saw them in Key West*!

And this picture was taken today, 13 weeks!  I think I'm liking the clothes on look better and better, so I'll try to do those from here on out.  Can you tell I'm wearing maternity pants?!  I ordered 5 pairs from Loft a month back when they had a huge 50% off everything sale --and I've been nervous about how they will fit.  Right now, I'm loving them.  My designer jeans zip up, but admittedly are incredibly uncomfortable.  These, on the other hand, are snug and comforting, not only for me...but probably for baby, too.  They go over the belly and just feel secure.  I am going to have to become creative in what tops to wear as I know that the baggier shirts will cover the fact that they are maternity jeans.  I'm thinking this look is ok :)

So, that's up to date for now.  Into my second trimester, and feeling energized and happy!!

I can't forget to mention ALL the birthdays we've enjoyed celebrating since last weeks blogs!  We celebrated with Noah (a friend of David's) on Saturday night, Jessica on Sunday night, and tonight is Dipali's birthday!!  I'm meeting girlfriends in a couple of hours for dinner.  Happy birthday to all of our wonderful friends!!!

*This week, I AM looking forward to blogging some photos and catch ups on our summer vacations!!

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