37 weeks and still snug as a bug!

Yesterday was 37 weeks for me!  I was super anxious at the beginning of this week, anticipating what my doctor may say at my Monday appointment.  Not sure what I expected, because it was really just a check-up.  I'll be returning next week and hopefully I'll be a little more relaxed, but I guess this is pretty normal to be READY!!

Jayna and I met at Brookwood Mall yesterday to walk laps since it was so cold outside!  Ava slept the whole time and Jayna and I really enjoyed catching up on what juggling mommyhood really is all about!  Ava is now 4 months old and Jayna is looking great and keeping herself together terrificly-- as I hope I will when that time comes for me!

Baby A feels like she/he is moving around quite a bit right now.  According to Dr. Wyatt, A is still head down and comfy cozy.  I've slept better the last couple of nights, but David says I've been snoring very loud.  While I tell him it's payback for him keeping me up a few nights ago with his snoring, I know it's really just this cold weather!!  I'm pretty congested going to bed and even more when I wake up.  Not fun, but I'm glad that I'm sleeping since everything I am reading says sleep WILL be challenging once Baby A is here! :)

I didn't post a 36 weeks picture last week...
I'm thinking mucho of Emily and Mr. Bennett today as they have their 40 weeks appointment.  She is due on Sunday and while I know she is anticipating a late arrival, I know she is ready!!  Em has been a great walking companion these past few weeks--and I am looking forward to us raising our two together.  After learning that her hubby, Matt, enjoys playing board games...and especially Phase 10...I'm really hoping that there will be many nights in our future playing games together while the kids snooze or play together as well :)

I have a very special friend celebrating his birthday today, but I'm waiting for a pic to update on the blog.  As soon as it arrives...I'll be doing another update today!

Oh and I can't forget....even though I don't think David reads my blog...
Happy 10-monthaversary my love :)

And, last but not least....
Happy 43rd Anniversary to Judy and Claude!!  I hope you enjoy a wonderful day together <3

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