May the traveling begin!

For our final Alevy trip before baby A arrives, we started by visiting the Abel clan in Bethesda, MD.

Their 10-month old Daniel is so wonderful to be around and we loved getting some baby practice time in.  I especially enjoyed seeing David interact with the little ones.  I'm so looking forward to seeing what a wonderful father he will play to our own.
Daniel's so happy playing with Uncle David :)

And of course I can never give too many kisses!!

Grandma Linda kept Daniel for an evening so the four adults could go out like good old times.  We had a delicious dinner and absolutely loved catching up with Lauren and Jarred.  I so miss how easy it was for us to see them when they lived in Birmingham.  It's not the same, but I treasure any opportunity we get to celebrate our friendship.

Along with seeing MY best friend, one of David's friends from Venezuela happened to be visiting the DC area at the same time as we were!  Anthony and his wife recently celebrated their marriage and unfortunately, we were unable to attend the festivities.  Seeing them during this vacation gave us a chance to catch up more intimately and....Even though I wanted all of this vacation time to be spent with my Lala, I'm glad that we all had a chance to meet Anthony, his wife, his sister and her baby girl for a delicious Venezuelan lunch.  
Since Anthony is living in London these days, I'm hopeful that we may be able to see them again when we head over one day to catch up with my British family :)

Great start to a great holiday season!

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