A "Shower of Love" for Baby Alevy!!

This weekend, a group of my friends honored me before delivering Baby A!  They did a fantabulous job...and I continue to feel blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family supporting me.

These are most of the hostess's.  Isn't this a great bunch??  Unfortunately, we were missing Lala and Ilene, but Baby A and I definitely understand everyone has things going on ;)
from left to right: Bonnie (college friend,came in from Memphis to spend the weekend with me!), Dipali (made the awesome diaper cake I'm including in this post!!), me & Baby A, Gina (grew up together, she has a handsome friend for Baby A named Robert who is only a few months ahead of us!), Susan (my amazing sister-in-law who never ceases to amaze me...check out the cakes she made for the party!!), Jessica (grew up together and have recently become even closer with her and her fiance, Adrian....can't wait to celebrate them!!!), and Brittany (my beautiful cousin who's home the party was in...she's been decorating recently and it looked BEAUTIFUL!!!).  
Thanks gals ;)

Uncle Ian sent us a banana slicer!  I was very animated telling my guests that they must check out reviews on Amazon for this goofy gift.  Sunday morning, David showed Bonnie and me his banana cutting skills with the slicer...now he just has to come up with a creative review! Side note: banana was not included in this shipment, David snuck it into the package!

Ilene knit these cute booties for our little on!!  So excited to use it as a decoration until Baby A's feet get a bit bigger to wear them!

Bubbe (my Mom) gifted us with a new glider, a high chair, AND my favorite book Love You Forever.  I know, I know...everyone cries with this book.  But you know what?  It's a great book that let me know, from a very young age, that my Mom loved me a WHOLE BUNCH and that she always will :)

The awesome diaper cake that Dipali made!!  How cute is this???  It has size 1 diapers in it and a few clothing items.  Love it!!  I know I'm going to have to use it eventually...I'm so my Mom, not wanting to use something so thoughtful!!

We were showered with many wonderful gifts that will be so helpful with parenthood!  We have our Pack n' Play, diaper bag, monitor, Diaper Genie, changing table and crib (from Nana and Lito!), and much more!  It's a great start for our family expansion!

We are eagerly anticipating Bennett's arrival...fingers crossed he'll come out into the world this week!!

I'm waiting on a picture of the delicious spread from the party...that'll be included in the next post!

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