Getting closer!!!

37 weeks and 6 days!!
We have a few more weekly appointments and it's crazy to think that Baby A could still arrive before we make it through all of them!!  How am I feeling?

  • Great--the temperature is actually decent out today and Azaria and I just walked 5 miles with my friend Carlie and her pup Graham.  
  • I still don't feel there is a huge change in my appetite, although I did get hungry more quickly this AM after only having a bowl of cereal with some milk and PB.
  • Even though it's really pretty cold out these days, I love how cold our hardwood floors are feeling at night and especially in the AM when I get up.  My feet have thankfully not been had a bad swelling issue for me, but I think they are becoming a little more uncomfortable now.
  • I'm enjoying just worrying about myself because I know that it could be any day that that will change FOREVER!  I must admit though I am anxious because it's hard not knowing....when will Baby A arrive?!

 Friday night, we had the unveiling of David and Claude's table...these two have worked very hard since November to get this ready before baby's due date.  The table is beautiful!!!!  It comfortably sat the 7 of us for dinner and we could have easily fit 5 more people in.  For now, we have our 4 chairs from our previous table and if we need more, we will use our dining room chairs. 
 However, we are talking about bench ideas to add seating to the table so that we don't have to use our nicer chairs whenever we decide to eat in the kitchen area.  This table fits perfectly in the area--and I'm just so durn proud of my hubby and father-in-law :)  If my Dad were here, he would have helped too :) I know that he is looking down on us, proud to see that David enjoys building as he also did.
This weekened, we celebrated baby Poppy!!  Emily (next to me) is due in April and she was given a beautiful, fun shower!!  Karlie and Marissa are also expecting in May and June.  Hard to believe it wasn't that long ago that I was still early on in my pregnancy like they are now.  Such exciting times and Baby A is so lucky to have so many friends born around the same time.  We're hoping this will be a plus for baby dates!!

Off to get ready...headed for our doctor's appointment!!!

***no news yet on baby Bennett's arrival yet...we have plans to walk tomorrow.  Still hoping that our walk may get my gal Emily into the labor room soon!!!***

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