In honor of our first wedding anniversary, a few pictures from the celebration

I pulled up a few pictures to share from our weekend, one year ago.
We have hundreds of photos, so I'm sure I'll post some year!
Wedding Rehearsal Friday night Temple Emanu-El
Isn't this a great shot of my nephew, John Marshall?  Love it!

Onto the Kress Building for our Rehearsal Dinner...
My favorite photos are natural shots...this is definitely a favorite.  David and I laughing together, and not posing at all!
A toast with Nana, Lito, and Bubbe!
We had no idea that huge hamburger was in the picture behind us.  SO WEIRD!  
Had to include this one...can't even explain it, cept my family is ok with bein strange!!
I started the funny photo demand years ago...and to this day, it's still a favorite moment to capture!
I had to laugh when I saw this picture!  This is my nephew Noah, on David's side, and my cousin Julie....I so wish I knew what he was whispering to her!  I need to make sure he knows that she is taken...
Rathmell/Alevy Family opp :)
Cuddlin up with Auntie Lynda & Uncle Gray.  Miss them across the pond family folk!
My aunts and uncles gather for a shot with me and D
The Alevy Family together!!

And onto the wedding day....While the boys were filling their tummies with good ole Southern BBQ...
The gals were with me at the salon for hair, makeup, and Zumba!
If I can't do Zumba in this hairdo, then it needs work...
But it did just beautifully!!

Beautiful flower arrangements by Ricky Whitley

Seeing each other for the first time on our wedding day.

Great group!!
Love this picture with my mama
And you'd think this photo opp would have discouraged us??
The Rathmell Family members were all sick on our wedding weekend...but they sure did look good for the time they shared with us!
The 7 Circles

Our vows
Blessing with our parents
Captured the first kiss as a married couple!!!
Mine & David's beautiful family.  We are very blessed
Silly photo!!!!

Onto the reception
No need to explain the rest of the pics--



Happy couple, happy baby, a blessed & happy anniversary!!
xoxo, C

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