Settling into a routine

Sol is 18 days old!  This morning, I had some time to get online and do research on things I could be doing with him at 2 weeks old.  I googled "2 week old baby" and found a great website. has weekly information on what baby could be doing, what mommy may be going through, activities you could do together, tips, and a to-do list.  It's a great resource--and it was there that I learned we were a little behind in TUMMY TIME!  I wish I had known this sooner because Sol has really enjoyed this activity today.  My baby boy had already demonstrated that he has a strong neck and likes to lift and turn his head when he has a chance.  He and I were on his playmat for 26 minutes and he picked up his head and turned it at least 8 times.  
I've been disappointed because he hasn't seemed to enjoy his swings or vibrating chairs yet, but what I needed to realize is that he has enough time on his back...he needs tummy time!  

I then put on my moby wrap, stuck him inside, and we took Azaria on a 1.6 mile walk.  Yes, yes, yes, I's cold today!  BUT, we were both bundled well and it made Zsa very happy :)

Sol slept good and hard for a few hours and woke to feed around noon.  My Aunt Allie came over to visit and she stuck around just enough time to get some snuggles with him before he needed his food attention.  When I stuck him in his vibrating chair after, he actually did ok in it for enough time for me to eat and put away dishes!!  What a good boy <3  I rewarded him with some more tummy time.
 He didn't last as long because he spit up....and so it was time for his bath!  It's been recommended that babies not be bathed frequently, so I'm bathing him every few days.  Sol doesn't love being in a dirty diaper, so this means he gets wiped down often and stays more clean!  He had a bath Monday and I intended to give him one yesterday, but it was ok because seriously he's not DIRTY! :)
All clean!

He's back to getting his Zzzzzz's.

Did you know baby's should be doing tummy time as early as 2 weeks?  Do you have a website that you visit for suggestions/advice for your little one?

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