New Mommy Must Haves

Hard to believe I've had this wonderful little one practically strapped to my hip (HA) for three weeks!  Sol has been so good for us!  Every now and again, he throws us a curveball...but for now, we are pretty durn lucky!

Friends had suggested new mommy apps before he was born, but I was so hyped up...I tuned them out.   I hadn't realized how necessary it was!  Once in the hospital, it hit me that I needed something to help keep me sane and "on track".  Otherwise my days...hours...minutes(!!!) would be too hazy to understand.

That's when I found the FIRSTYEAR app!  Watch a YouTube demo here!

If I thought I had a problem with Facebook before, it was nothing compared to how frequently I need to use this app.  I enter when I feed Sol, when he sleeps, when he makes wet or dirty diapers, when he has a bath, when he have an activity, etc.  I keep a journal and add pictures of memorable things that happened that day.  Will I look back at it one day?  Probably!  Will Sol?  Probably not ;)  But for now, it is honestly keeping me sane.  If people ask me how sleeping is going or how we're doing with feedings, I can refer to my app and respond more clearly.  If I had nothing recorded I would probably just say..."it's going!"

I found the app at the iTunes store for free.  After a few days of loads of input, the app informed me that I would need to upgrade in order to add my data....I actually considered not spending the $4.99 for about 20 seconds...good thing I just did it.  I imagine I will back off it after a while, but for now, I like that I can see how each day changes and what Sol needs to have a good schedule.

Do you have an app that you have loved using as a new mother?  What about as Sol grows...are there other helpful apps that can help me prepare for milestones or other changes that might happen??

My other daily item is Mother's Milk Tea.  Right after Sol was born, I drank a few cups a day.  It was cold out, so I wanted hot tea--and if it helped with my milk production, I wasn't going to turn it down!!

Going into motherhood, I didn't focus on 'what if ___ doesn't work?'  I have kept the attitude of 'it will all work out in the end.'  When it came to breastfeeding, I did not let myself stress about the concerns of "will my baby latch" or "what if my milk doesn't come in".  Unfortunately, it is a problem for many women, and if it had been for me, we would have done whatever was best to make sure Sol received what he needed nutritionally.  Thankfully, we have not encountered any problems and I love the bond we have developed from this activity.

After my neighbor mentioned that she had a stomach reaction to something in the tea, I did a bit of research on the internet.  While I can't say that I've had tummy trouble from the tea, I have noticed that Sol is quite the heavy breather.  A few things on the internet have mentioned that it can cause breathing problems for some babies?!?  I hadn't even thought to associate the tea with his breathing.  I know I can't believe EVERYTHING on the internet, so I will be asking Dr. Walley when we see him next week.

Have any of you encountered breathing problems with your newborn?  Do you think it is linked to drinking this tea?  Sol's heavy breathing seems to happen mostly when he is cuddling face down on someone.  So, it's really not a huge concern.  But when he does's loud!  I'm curious if anyone else has experienced anything similar?

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