A lot has happened in a month!

Hard to believe Sol turned 5 weeks last night!!  I have to admit that, yes, time flies...

At 1 month, I snapped a few pictures to remember how little he is.  At his check in, he weighed 7 lbs, 12 oz and measured 21 inches--our healthy, growing boy!

He started giving us smiles last week.  I look forward to when he does it even more often!  He has a beautiful smile :)

Saturday morning play time.  Sol, Azaria, and I love that David is able to join us on the weekends!

You would think this was taken on St. Patricks Day, right?  NONE of us remembered the holiday though because Mommy was too busy getting Sol ready for his doctor's appointment.  We all lucked out and didn't get pinched!  

 Sol's second bottle with Daddy!  He looks pretty happy, huh?

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