Cousin lovin' Introduction

Cousin Lovin' starring
Sol Alevy, 2 months
Ava Goedecke, 7 months

2 cousins, 5 months apart

It was friendship at first sight. They met at UAB only 2 days after Sol was born. 

They see each other once a week to walk their mommies.  Now they have recruited their mommies to babysit them together once or twice a week, too!

While Ava enjoys watching tv, Sol giggles away at the excitement of having his cousin over to play. 

Nap time--Sol fell asleep easily. Ava wanted some extra TLC so Aunt Caleigh walked her around the house many times...and then outside into the pretty day. The combination of wind, sun, and chirping birds knocked her out immediately!

Can you guess what happened 5 minutes later?

If you got it right...then you're hired to come babysit, too!

Sol was very good at entertaining himself for about 45 minutes until his feeding. Once we finished his feeding, Ava woke with perfect timing and a smile on her face!

I set both of them up on the floor and she put on a concert for us. 

They both had a great time!

Can't wait til the next time they get to play together again!

When was the first time you left your little one with a friend for a play date?  Were you nervous like I was?  How did it work out?!

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