My Sleeping Success

Starting on Monday night, Sol slept through the night until Friday night!!
We would do his last feeding between 9:30-10 and get him to bed no later than 10:30. At the suggestion of my next door neighbor, we've been giving him a 4oz bottle for this feeding because it ensures us that he has a full belly AND he doesn't fall asleep working for it. 

He also found his thumb recently and he has been rather content sucking on it when he's in his crib. I have been waking at 6 or 7am and can see he is awake, but he will just lay in bed until 8:30 when I come in and open the curtains!
On Friday night, he woke around 4:45 😝
Daddy changed his dirty diaper and then I fed him. He played a bit, but went back to sleep and I had to wake him up at 8 for his feeding before our first 5k together (outside the belly)!
Sadly, no pics....but I did get a pic of his excitement at the Magic City Art Connection!
He slept through a dancing performance, too!
Mama Pat came to visit after. I loved capturing this happy moment between her and my baby boy
We did something right last night, because he slept through the night again. I actually woke him earlier this AM because I'm still trying to figure out how to adjust his feedings and pumping with the sleeping. I want to make sure he is getting enough so that he meets weight gain expectations.  Plus, I'm engorged when I wake in the AM!!!!

So far, so good. He's a good baby and...boy do I love him!!!!

Here are a few other photos since I've neglected to post in a while!!
At Sol's first Crawfish Boil
Meeting Candy, the wonderful massage therapist who worked on me while I was in labor. She was VERY happy to meet him 💙

I took him to my last day of class this semester. He is such a whiz in grad school, he sleeps through it and still makes A's 👏
So that means it was his first trip to UA and his first road trip. He did great!
Love my occasional cuddles!
Gnight y'all!

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