Time to move?

After having brunch with Bubbe, we came home to feed, play, & take a nap. 

The blackout curtains, that David ordered, arrived this morning. BUT IT'S A SATURDAY!!!  Why??  David is doing a jig...me...not so much. Why you ask?  Because that means we are that much closer to moving Sol into his room. 

I love having him in the co-sleeper, next to me. 
It's not only convenient to get him out in the middle of the night, but I like that I can check on him--even if it's to just rest my hand on his tummy to feel him breathing. 

Since David has wanted to move him into his room from day 1, I've made suggestions that would get us closer to that day. 
1) set up monitor 
2) put in curtains
3) add blackout curtains
4) move upstairs until he sleeps through the night, for at least a week. 

He set up the monitor immediately. 

We shopped for curtains at 5 weeks. 

He has now added blackout curtains at 7 weeks. 

So after reading books and smiling at his fan
I've decided to try it out for nap time. 
Yes, I cried. 

When did you move your baby into his/her own room?

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