Surrounded by Miriam's Women!

Sol attended his first Passover Seder ...and his only Women's Seder!  That is, until he is old enough to help serve the ladies with TEE Brotherhood!

Rabbi Haas put on a great service and Barbara Zazlofsky coordinated a warm & wonderful gathering!  Since David had class, I toted Sol with me to the event.

Bubbe was shining from ear to ear!  She stole away the buggy...I mean, helped me as soon as I arrived!  

I was so nervous to wake him during the service, but he needed a feeding or I knew my night would be messed up. He was great. Gulping a bottle and listening to the singing and chatting of over 200 women...the boy knew he needed to be quiet!!  When the "Miriam's Women" dancing began, Bubbe conveniently had him in her arms and managed to convince me to join the celebrating. As I started to leave my son, I could see that the lines of women were especially making their way toward my table so they could see my main squeeze and coo at how cute he is ;). My heart sank that I couldn't be with him to enjoy that excitement. I know Bubbe loved it...
So this is how it looked...and it felt like craziness!  
Do you see Bubbe on the right?  Uh huh...

Let me tell you, it was like trying to part the Red Sea to get back to him!!!  Once I did finally get back, I promised myself that I wouldn't get that far away from my 7-week-old again for the evening.

I loved seeing so many TEE friends and showing him off :). It was a fun and memorable event. And Sol's Bubbe, PatPat, Aunt Lori, and Aunt Allie especially loved huggin on him!!

Thanks Temple Emanu-El Sisterhood for an exciting evening out AND a hearty welcome to Sol!

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